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Recovery Home

Hardin House, Inc. is a state licensed Recovery Home. Hardin House endeavors to provide quality recovery home services in keeping with the dictates of the State of Illinois.

Our recovery home is an alcohol and drug free housing component whose rules, peer-led groups, staff activities and other structured operations are directed toward maintenance of sobriety for persons who exhibit treatment resistance, relapse potential and/or lack of suitable recovery living environments or who recently have completed substance abuse treatment services or who may be receiving such treatment services at another licensed facility.

HH provides a structured alcohol and drug free environment for congregate living that offers regularly scheduled peer-led community settings (self-help groups, etc.) that are held a minimum of five days per week. Recovery education groups are also provided.

Written linkage agreements with other substance abuse providers as well as an established referral network are maintained. HH’s referral networks include any necessary medical, mental health, vocational or employment resources.

HH is in compliance with all applicable zoning and local building ordinances as well as National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Life Safety Code. The recovery home employs one full-time Recovery Home Operator who is responsible for the daily operations and one full-time Recovery Home Manager who oversee all Recovery Home activities under the direction of the Recovery Home Operator. (DASA Rule 2060)

Experts agree that a recovery home setting providing individual service planning is an excellent strategy for maintaining long-term sobriety.